God Makes Me Laugh 

Last night I had a blast at Southern Gospel Jubilee! But while I was enjoying the encouraging music my lovely tongue started sticking out. In and out it would go, sticking out sometimes for a long time until I got it under control. It was such a blessing…NOT! It’s times like this where God brings out the humor in these types of circumstances. There was a little boy sitting on his mom’slap looking back at me. Every time I stuck my tongue out he would stick out his. It was so hilarious! 

I’ll be writing soon about the songs I heard last night.

Hello, my name is Abigail Brown. My blog will help and encourage you to deepen your true, abiding joy in Christ. Plus inspire you to embrace the joy in Christ moment by moment. I hope it will be a blessing!

1 comment on “God Makes Me Laugh 

  1. That’s cute. I wonder if he told his momma about you!


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