I Belong To Jesus!

When I first heard the song, "I Belong To Jesus" back in April I immediately put it on my "amazing songs" playlist! I fell in love with the second verse and chorus which say, He's walked me through some valleys  And He's taken me through storms,  He's given me some victories  And protected me from … Continue reading I Belong To Jesus!

Amazing Love!

Yesterday as I was painting I accidentally got a little paint on the floor. Oops! Thankfully we have wood floors! So I started cleaning up the black paint before the paint dried. As I was scrubbing, the Lord got me to thinking about how He does this with us and our hearts. He "scrubs" our … Continue reading Amazing Love!

Why Worry?

When I was a kid I would get worried a lot! Each time I did get worried, I remember my mom would sing this chorus to me and then my worries would fly away.  The reason I bring up that precious memory is because I was just reminded of it this week. I listen to … Continue reading Why Worry?