Summer Time Memories!!☀️

I have so many good memories around this time of the year! They’re my summer time memories! May I share a few with you?

Going to church camp in Tennessee at the Bill Rice Ranch (or the BRR) was the highlight of my teenage years! Oh, the stories I could tell you, from watching sports in 100 degree weather, to making many life long friendships. But the most important thing we did at camp was listen to good preaching from godly men! The Lord spoke to my heart so much during the week I spent there each year. It made a big impact in my life, which I can see now that I look back as an adult. 

I remember making life changing decisions with different ladies from my church. For example, I surrendered my life to full time service one year. I’m so glad I did, too! I might have not been willing to be helper in a Sunday school class. 

Another vivid memory I have is talking to a boy, who shall remain nameless, with my chat box. I was probably 14/15 at the time. I thought he was the ONE! LOL. Although we kept in touch over the summer, nothing happened! He was very nice, though. 

The last memory I’ll share with you is when the dorms FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY got AC!! Can I get an AMEN?! That was a glorious year!! To not wake up in the morning sweating was a big blessing!

I hope you have enjoyed this post as much as I have! 

Hello, my name is Abigail Brown. My blog will help and encourage you to deepen your true, abiding joy in Christ. Plus inspire you to embrace the joy in Christ moment by moment. I hope it will be a blessing!

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